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 Hi my name is Ivan Rio Chavez. I grew up in Santa Barbara California and I found my passion for fitness in High School. When I was a high school athlete, I mainly trained for wrestling and swimming. I have been a trainer for over 2 years and have had experience in other fitness industries. So far I have completed my degree in Kinesiology at SBCC. 

I enjoy working with wide variety of population, from young athlete’s and older adults who want to keep up with their grandchildren and family. My main focus would be in Strength and Conditioning and Corrective Postural Training. I am bilingual (Spanish and English).

My training philosophy is to always educate yourself and make sure that you have tried everything to achieve goals. It is important because everyone has different shape and sizes, and some methods may work better than others for certain individuals. Although its another learning objective, it is worth every ounce of effort to better your health.


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